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The organizational structure in evaluating the effectiveness of general education

In line with the framework of general education planning, the school has set up a structure to assess the effectiveness of this course as follows:

School Department

Course Evaluation

Center of General Education

School Level Course Committee

General Education Course Committee

College Level of General Education Course Committee

General and Language Field Course Committee

Academia Sinica and National Yang-Ming university, Taipei Medical University, National Defense Medical Center

“Humanities Lectures” Course Committee


Department of Medicine

Department of Medicine, Teaching Development Course Committee

Medical Humanities and Society Course Committee

Each semester, the Center of General Education will collect student’s feedback on teaching and learning, and then provide reference for relevant units after organizing the data and texts. Besides that, the evaluation will also be submitted to relevant college committee to be discussed. Furthermore, the college committee of this general education course will also have representatives from university departments to speak out and discuss on relevant issues in order to reach a mutual understanding. The committee from School of Humanities will also organize feedbacks from the students, and inform the Center of General Education and School of Humanities according to respective organization.

Lastly, in order to design an even suitable learning guidance for students in the institution, as well as a more comprehensive evaluation of the learning outcomes, the Section Chief of the Institute of Public Health and School of Humanities and Social Sciences have a long-term employment with Guo Wen Hua and Wang Wen Ji from the Research Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences, Ministry of Science and Technology, who participate in the planning and review of this course.


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