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What is the goal of the establishment of Center of General Education in National Yang Ming University?

To establish common education center, set up general education conference, and organize general education-related curriculum, to re-orient humanities education between general education, basic ability cultivation as well as professional education.To add to that, the goal includes developing the unique humanistic atmosphere through cross-disciplinary curriculum to promote effective links in all areas of knowledge in National Yang Ming University.


The curriculum program of the Center of General Education is:

Considering the importance of cultivating modern citizens by learning knowledge other than professional courses, the school therefore cooperates with multiple departments to ensure that students can successfully complete the compulsory credit hours without having to skip any other classes (Including language, Mandarin 2 credits, English 4 credits, core general knowledge 12 credits, Liberal general knowledge 10 credits), as well as basic science courses that are compulsory to be taken by students in all departments (Principle of Chemistry, Basic Biology, Basic Physics, Calculus, and Introduction of Computer Theory/Program Design).


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