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How do freshman in National Yang Ming University effectively study the courses in general education?

1.    Students are recommended to select the courses in general education based on their semester schedules. Within the specific period, students have to participate in the primary course selection, and ensure that classes are selected during the period (Courses can be selected through manual selection system). However, since the school uses random number selection mode, it is indeed possible that students do not get their first choice. For other students who select the courses freely, access the courses online, and select the courses that have not met the maximum number of students yet.


2.    On that semester, if students fail to select the general education course according to department’s schedule due to personal factors, students then have to wait until the add/withdraw selection (including priority add/withdraw selection) before participating in the random selection by computer on the general education period (Tuesday morning, Thursday all day). While for non-general education period, it will be freely elective.



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