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Core General Studies

Brain, Mind and Philosophy
Comparative Philosophy from East to West
Philosophy of Caring
introduction to cognitive neuroscience and its methodology
Health Psychology and Stress Copings
Indigenous Psychologies and Cultural Healing
Culture and Society in Modern Europe
Women in East Asia
The History of Industry and National Development
History and the Modern World
Selected Readings in Neo-Confucian Classics
Introduction to Ethics
Morality and Human Cognition
Moral Theories and Contemporary Ethical Issues
Critical Reasoning in Ethics and Law
Introduction to Sinophone Cinema
Musical Syntax and Expression
Modern Visual Culture
Western Art History
History of European Fashion
Chinese Painting History
(Non-)Human Body and Literature
Contemporary Economic Analysis
Social Development Guide
The Big Picture: How Goegraphy, Trade, and Politics Shape Our Troubled World
Social Development Guide
International Trade and Economic Integration
The political and social implications of technologies
World City Residence Guide
Science, Technology and Citizen Participation
Introduction to Science and Technology Studies
History of Western Medicine


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