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Liberal Elective Studies

Drama Music: Lives and Love
Introduction to intellectual property right
Literary Works under the Japanese Rule and the Developing of the Times
Gender and Taiwanese Society
The Socio-economic History of Taiwan
Economic Theories & Taiwan’s Economic Development
Comparison of Eastern & Western Natural Philosophy and View of Ancient Medicine
Encyclopedia of the Civil Law
Immigration and Gender: International Marriage
Enterprise and Management
Behavior Science in Life
Basic Japanese (III)
Dream Appreciation
The Golden Age of European Art, 1500-1700
The Orientation and Challenge of Science in the Human Culture - A Historical Perception of Modern Science
German (II)
German (I)
The Evolution of Symphony (from Stamitz to Beethoven)
Process of Taiwan Development and Transformation
Technology and Everyday Life
Food Safety and Life
Introduction to Taiwan Politics
Psychology and Life
Basic Japanese (I)
Multidisciplinary Research in Science and Philosophy: Logical Analysis of Life Science
Palliative Medicine
Introduction to Mass Communication
Psychiatry and Western Literature
Political Science
Simple Way to Get the Service of Long Term Care
Political Thought and Popular Culture
Digital Well-being
Digital Fabrication Workshop


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